Excellent health and a vital life are best achieved with a proper diet, appropriate exercise, proper lifestyle behaviors and supportive supplementation and skin care. Midas Direct offers a range of innovative, outcome producing, affordable personal care products for men and women to achieve peak health, fitness and performance – regardless of age. All of our products are manufactured in the USA in FDA registered facilities according to strict CGMP and ISO 9000 standards.

The Midas products are a combined effort of many research scientists and marketing specialists led by our internal team listed below:

Dr. Howard Moskowitz:

Dr. Howard Moskowitz is a well-known Harvard trained, award-winning experimental psychologist and mathematician whose impressive body of work has directly impacted a legion of Fortune 100 consumer goods companies. Considered the father of Blue Chip brands such as Diet Pepsi, Prego Spaghetti Sauce, Vlasic Pickles and Maxwell House Coffee are just a few of his product accomplishments. His speaking engagements include scientific/market research conferences, business/food science school lectures. He has written/edited over 25 books, has published well over 400 articles and serves on the editorial board of major journals. His book Selling Blue Elephants (Pearson) demonstrates his Mind Genomics® IdeaMap®.net software which identifies targeted positioning and communication creates new products and messages... from areas as diverse as credit cards, jewelry offers, presidential messaging during election years, stock market communications, and transnational innovation.

Chuck Stebbins:

Since the early 80’s, has been dedicated to bringing everyone the best, most popular personal care products at the lowest prices. He is best considered a molecular biochemist with 35 years of experience in nutrition, exercise physiology, skin care and olfactory sciences. Stebbins was one the first marketers to crack the code of selling direct to consumers on the Internet. He launched several successful ventures of his own maintaining a dominant Internet sales presence in the area of nutritional supplements and beauty products. Through a series of successful joint venture partnerships, Mr. Stebbins helped Intermix/Alena introduce a number of highly successful personal care products into the market, including Hydroderm, the first beauty product to be branded and sold entirely online. With Mr. Stebbins assistance, Hydroderm generated over $50 million in first year sales with just a single SKU.

Danny Moskowitz:

For over 15 years, Danny has played a prominent role as a client and team lead with hands-on involvement in project management, sophisticated analytics and results delivery. Danny is a trained mathematician has built databases and algorithms enabling Fortune 100 companies to make business decisions for over 15 years. More recently he has developed digital analytics systems for landing page optimization, call center sales improvement and reduction of readmissions in hospitals. He is well versed in the entire research and development process, including project planning, ideation, data collection analytics, digital integration and implementation.

Sadie Turner-Stebbins:

Sadie founded Tampa Bay Zone Media Company that encompassed television, magazine publishing and the Internet. Sadie produced and starred in the weekly Tampa Bay Zone television program on the CW network which was rated above Access Hollywood in the Tampa market, and edited and produced a successful perfect bound cocktail table magazine about Tampa. Using her savvy media skills, Ms. Turner helps establish cutting edge social networking and ecommerce platforms for corporate to customer interactions. Additionally, Sadie is the CEO and founder of two jewelry lines and various personal care product companies with over 100 individual nutrition and skin care products available in leading stores such as Whole Foods, Walgreens and GNC as well as in mass market outlets such as gas stops, convenience stores and grocery stores and through leading Internet sellers such as Groupon Goods.