The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of Omega 3 reduce inflammation throughout the body. Support cellular and metabolic health the powerful, all natural way, with Omega Plus.

Vitamin B12
Transdermal Patch

Vitamin B-12 Patches from Nature’s IQ provide a high dose of Vitamin B-12 transdermally directly into circulation avoiding all the absorption issues that make oral B-12 supplements near useless. B-12 is important for health in that it assists in red blood cell formation, neurological matters and brain function. There are 12 full strength patches per package.

VMS Daily

Introducing Midas Products VMS Daily, which contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals and supplements that your body needs to maintain a healthy well being. With all of the powerful B Vitamins, and other key ingredients, VMS Daily is specifically formulated to improve energy, concentration, vitality, eyesight, heart function, muscle cramping, fatigue and memory.


Midas Products introduces CoQ-10 Heart Health 120 mgs. CoQ-10 is a highly positive co-enzyme found in every cell in the body. CoQ-10 is necessary for the health and basic functioning of cells. The highest concentrations of CoQ-10 are found where we need the most energy- the heart, immune system, liver and kidneys. Taking supplemented CoQ-10 can help improve the functioning of the cellular mitochondria, the major powerhouses of the body!

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract provides safe and effective weight loss for all body types. Because it's not a stimulant, it won't make you jittery or raise your heart rate like roasted coffee or caffeine. The fat-blasting power actually comes from the Chlorogenic Acid found in green, unroasted coffee beans.

Mega - Blood Pressure Control

Midas Products introduces Mega Blood Pressure Control, an all-natural, blood pressure control supplement that contains some of the most important vitamins, herbs and berries known for their supportive function in promoting heart health and wellness. Mega Blood Pressure Control supplements have proven to have positive effects in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Berry Strong

Berry Strong Anti-Oxidant is an all-natural dietary supplement containing many super fruit based anti-oxidants that are found in nature. Berry Strong protects the cells from free radical and oxidative damage and prevents the harmful effects of stress from all sources.

SOLID - Male Enhancement

Solid Male Enhancement is an all-natural herbal formula that works by enlarging the two erectile tissue chambers so that the penis can hold more blood during erection. It is specially formulated to enlarge penis length and girth, enhance erection and optimize sexual health and performance.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract (IGF-1)

IGF-1 Velvet Deer Antler Extract is harvested from the antlers of male deer, during the stage when they are covered in soft fuzz. Deer Antler is a potent source of IGF-1, a growth hormone beneficial to muscle, nerve and cell repair. Deer Antler Velvet Extract helps heal cartilage and tendon injuries more quickly, and boosts strength and endurance.

Raspberry Keytone Extract

Raspberry Ketone Extract is an all natural weight loss supplement, which contains Raspberry Ketone, the powerful weight loss ingredient that promotes higher energy and a lower body fat content. It also contains the weight loss aid, Apple Cider Vinegar, and the antioxidants, Acai and Resveratrol, and African Mango, a weight loss supplement derived from the seeds of a rare Mango from Africa, which helps to speed up the body's metabolism.

Matrix Joint Relief

The combination of essential vitamins and minerals helps to reduce pain and inflammation in achy joints. Support your joint health the all-natural way, with Matrix Joint Relief from Midas Products.

8 Hour Sleep Powder

8 Hour Sleep Solution is a purified form of the natural amino compound GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). GABA is a natural nutrient that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and increases deep, restful sleep as well as dreaming. As little as 2 grams of GABA per night (the amount contained in one level teaspoon of 8 Hour Sleep Powder) can eliminate sleep deprivation in as many as 9 of 10 sleep-challenged people. In addition to improving sleep, GABA is also considered to be very effective in eliminating excess body fat and is one of the strongest natural anti-aging compounds.

Garcinia Cambogia™

Garcinia Cambogia Pure™ is the rind of an Indian fruit, rich in Hydroxycitric Acid (60%), first imported into the United States in 1985 by biochemist, Chuck Stebbins. Clinical studies show that Garcenia Cambrogia contributes to weight loss, suppressed appetite and improved overall well-being.